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What is an automatic spraying machine?

Release time:2019-07-31 17:52:31  Number of visits:2131

The design of fully enclosed spraying chamber and filtering exhaust system of automatic spraying machine make the machine highly environmentally friendly. The application of man-machine interface control makes the machine highly automated. The machine can be used alone or in combination with dust collectors, levelers, paint bakers and conveyor workbenches to form an automatic paint spraying production line. Features of automatic glue spraying machine: RDP series automatic spraying machine is a special spraying equipment developed for surface spraying of panel furniture and decorative materials by using the latest technology abroad. This series of automatic glue spraying machine has stronger practicability and higher cost performance. This machine is suitable for UV, PU, PE, NC and other paints. It is equipped with paint recycling device. When using UV paint, it can be recycled.