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Dongguan Hancheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd (formerly Shenzhen Hanson Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005. In 2011, the company moved to Dongguan, the manufacturing capital. In 2018, the company reorganized and established Dongguan hanson Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and established in Indonesia. Branch PT.SUMBER INSPIRASI BARU. Since its establishment, the company has been relentlessly committed to the research and development of various automation technologies, and has adhered to the four elements of design, quality, environmental protection and service to build each piece of equipment. At the same time, the company builds its brand with technology, has more than 20 professional and senior design teams, carries out professional design according to customer needs, and keeps pace with the times. Based on its own scientific and technological strength, it constantly draws on the advanced experience at home and abroad. Focus on the latest developments in industries and technologies in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and introduce Japanese electronic components and products from the German original pneumatic system optimization company.

The company currently has a number of patented products: metal and plastic surface treatment production line, electroplating equipment, coating equipment, spin coating equipment, non-stick paint automatic spraying line, metal spray thermal spraying line, toy automatic painting machine, automatic assembly equipment and other product

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